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Clean and Care

Clean and Care of Custom Wheels

Most wheel manufactures suggest using a mild soap & water to properly clean the wheel. Only use a soft wash mitt or cloth for washing the wheels. Do NOT use any chemicals when cleaning chrome, polished, anodized, or powder-coated wheels.

Polished wheels: A high quality aluminum polish may be used if the finish starts to dull.

Chrome wheels: Chrome needs to be maintained often to ensure longevity of the chrome finish. Your wheels should be washed often, and a good coat of Carnuba type wax should be applied often to protect the chrome. Manufactures suggest this as much as after each ride to protect your chrome wheels. This is especially true in climates with saltwater/air, salt on the roads. If in doubt....wash and wax.

Contrast Cut wheels: A non abrasive wax should be used on the anodized areas. On the milled areas, a mild Mag wheel polish can be used. CAUTION: Do not get the polish on the anodized or powder coated areas of the wheels, as it can remove the finish.

Don's Wheel Cleaning Tips:  From experience, I would highly suggest washing your entire bike after riding near the beach, or those northern roads in the spring before the salt has been washed off.  I have riden as little as 20 miles on a road along a beach, parked my bike in a garage, and had corrosion show up a couple weeks later.  WASH YOUR BIKE!  At the very minimum, rinse it down.  

I also suggest removing your wheels in your "off" season.  Remove the wheels, so you can perform a good cleaning and waxing.  Most people take really good care of that front wheel, but don't touch the rear wheel till they change a tire, and "whoops," it is too late.

If you have any questions, please ask!  For full care instructions, please refer to the specific manufacturer's instructions.

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